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Arno Sebban



Born in 1975, Arno Sebban identifies himself as a creator of objects. His lifelong passion for drawing and shaping forms was nurtured by the influences of his father, an expert in modern painting, and his mother, an antiques dealer. This upbringing instilled in him a keen appreciation for the essence of a well-crafted object. Trained at ENSCI (the National School of Industrial Creation), Arno honed his skills in bringing projects to fruition.

As both a designer and visual artist, Arno has showcased his creations across the globe for over 15 years. His artistic endeavors span a diverse range of disciplines, including architecture, urban planning, and graphic design.

Whether in the realms of industry or artistry, Arno Sebban's creations invariably revolve around human interaction. He envisions his works as catalysts for moments in life, intending to evoke sensations and emotions in those who encounter them. Playing with these elements, Arno aims to craft experiences that resonate deeply with his audience.


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