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Franceleine Debellefontaine



For over twenty-five years, she has been sculpting, slowly learning to create the curves and contours that impose themselves on her and invade her imagination.

Initially, wood seemed the most suitable material for revealing them, like words for ideas.
Today, she loves to explore all materials and has bronze reproductions of her works made.

An adventurous creator, she spontaneously and instinctively sculpts in direct cut.
and instinctive, with work and experience doing the rest.
Everything is originally based on the feeling of the body and its extension into supple, undulating, harmonious volumes.

It's all movement, an inner bubbling that motivates and guides her; the rhythm is meant to be musical.

A kind of linear music emerges from each sculpture.

Unity, cadence, giving birth to the premonitory form that still slumbers.
It's all about transmitting the warm breath of life and sensuality to the material.

Sculpture as practiced by Franceleine Debellefontaine is the vibration of life's cry,
a gentle offering, a renewal of love between light and shadow.

Creation is a mystery in which she lets herself be carried away without asking herself unnecessary questions; it's a kind of childbirth, an offering, nothing more than the concretization of an abundant impulse, the material sublimation of a dream.


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