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Franck Turzo's work is rooted in the interpretation of the contemporary world, influenced by its various nuances.

His artistic exploration manifests itself through the search for round, compressed, diverted and even distorted shapes, using figurative models metamorphosed to make art more abstract. This transformation creates an ambivalence in her pieces, making them both moving and immobile, sometimes playful, sometimes tactile.

He inscribes his works under the aegis of an imprint, symbolizing the grip of time and the formatting that individuals undergo throughout their lives. The artist mainly uses the animal world in his sculptures to represent human beings in all their diversity, complexity and behavior.

Since 1996, he has shown his work at numerous exhibitions in France and abroad, notably in Germany, Austria, Japan and China, where he has won numerous awards. His work has also been acquired by public institutions such as Montmagny (95), Chaville (92) and Palaiseau (91).

He is also a founding member of ArtCeram "Terres d'Empreintes", which organizes biennial ceramics exhibitions at the SEL in Sèvres, and a board member of the Cercle des artistes de Paris, which organizes exhibitions at the Parc floral de Paris Bois de Vincennes and in Shanghai, China.


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