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ENVOL ~ Yolaine Rilhac

ENVOL ~ Yolaine Rilhac



•28 x 27 x H: 44

•Wood, alabaster, plaster, cement, blanc de fillon


•It's a picture of a child taking flight, gradually distancing himself from his parents. To give shape to his head, a first step uses wax to create a mold, followed by plaster and a filliou white finish.


The face thus depicted is imbued with serenity and gentleness, reflecting a happy childhood.

His body emerges from the wood, revealing veined wings, evoking the uncertainties of adolescence.


The woodworking process takes place in ten stages over a period of almost six months, with the result always unpredictable and a constant source of inspiration.


As for the base, it is sculpted from alabaster, symbolizing the mountain to be climbed, with its steep, inaccessible north face. For her, this work is a reflection of her parents' genetic heritage.

ENVOL ~ Yolaine Rilhac
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