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MONOLITH NEO ~ Christophe Gonzalez

MONOLITH NEO ~ Christophe Gonzalez



•2000 x 750 x H: 550 cm


•The N E O recliner embodies the essence of contemporary design, offering an incomparable relaxation experience thanks to its innovative marriage of elegance, comfort and technology.

Designed for those seeking exclusivity, this armchair boasts a unique aesthetic and advanced functionalities that set it apart in any living space.


Featuring a memory seat, it adapts ergonomically to the morphology of each user, providing optimal support and personalized comfort. Whether for a short break or an extended relaxation session, this chair offers an uncompromisingly luxurious relaxation experience.


Its clean lines and flowing curves give it a modern, sophisticated aesthetic that instantly attracts attention. Every detail has been meticulously thought through to create a functional yet artistic piece of furniture that will become a timeless feature of your home.


By integrating a state-of-the-art audio system, N E O offers an immersive sensory experience. Discreet speakers integrated into the frame deliver rich, enveloping sound, allowing you to immerse yourself in your favorite musical ambience with exceptional audio quality, without the clutter of wires or additional speakers.


Whether as the centerpiece of your living room or an oasis of tranquility in your reading space, the N E O recliner represents the ultimate fusion of contemporary design, superior comfort and innovative technology.


With its unique aesthetics, memory seat and integrated audio system, this recliner embodies modern luxury and redefines the art of relaxing at home.

MONOLITH NEO ~ Christophe Gonzalez
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