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Sven Rusti



From an early age, Sven was captivated by drawing and DIY.

After finishing secondary school, he went on to study for a BEP in electrical engineering. However, feeling that the electrician's trade wasn't for him, and without suspecting that this experience would be useful to him in the future, he chose to follow his passion for art. He enrolled at the MJM Graphique Design school in Strasbourg, where he studied interior architecture and graduated.

Still driven by his love of vast spaces, design and geometric shapes, he sought a way to give free rein to his overflowing creativity.

The idea of creating an original light fixture for his brother's birthday was the starting point. Encouraged by the compliments of those around him, he felt motivated to pursue this path.

Since then, he has been striving to amaze people with his majestic creations, characterized by clean, airy lines.

Participating in various exhibitions, he found that his customers particularly appreciated rarity, local character and craftsmanship. This is why he decided that his creations would be made in Alsace, in small series of 10, each numbered, signed and accompanied by its certificate of authenticity.

The base of his luminaires is either aluminum or steel. To guarantee a quality product, he has opted for powder-coated paint, which is impact-resistant and easy to maintain.

Where design permits, he adds a touch of wood. These two materials, though opposites, blend perfectly according to his aesthetic criteria.


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