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Sylvie Loudières is a self-taught visual artist who began her career in 2013 after 25 years in the banking sector. Her transition to the art world was motivated by the desire to express her creativity freely and to detach herself from a system that no longer suited her. 

Her artistic work often explores themes of human relationships, man's place in society and his connection with nature. She seeks to diversify her techniques and artistic processes, constantly renewing her thoughts and means of expression. Her preferred mediums are paint, recycled cardboard and paper.

In 2011, she began creating furniture and objects using reused cardboard, then moved on to more abstract forms in sculpture, tondo or bas-relief, bringing a more instinctive approach to her work. She experiments with material, playing with its fragility and robustness, while seeking to evoke a balance similar to that observed in nature and in human life.

Through her work, she asserts the value of recycled materials and seeks to arouse the viewer's imagination and surprise, while creating a space where time seems suspended, offering an escape for both herself and her audience.


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