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Yolaine Rilhac

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After exploring a career in photography for some 15 years in France, Yolaine took the plunge into the world of sculpture in the United States from 2015 to 2019, studying alongside renowned artists at The Art League School (Alexandria, New York). Initially focused on clay, Yolaine quickly broadened her horizons to explore other mediums such as stone sculpture, wax and metal.

Nature remains her main inspiration, offering Yolaine a path to her own inner freedom. This infinite source of inspiration is transposed into her imagination, giving rise to a creativity that is inexhaustible yet elusive in its entirety. These artistic explorations open the way to intense but ephemeral experiences.

In 1998, as a professional photographer, Yolaine began studying nature. For over twenty years, she perfected her art by exploring the subtle balance between form and light, contrast and aesthetics, through a multitude of techniques ranging from the view camera to silver photography, eventually embracing digital.

Since 2015, Yolaine has devoted her time and energy primarily to sculpture, as it offers her the opportunity to capture nature in all its complexity. With sculpture, the object's perspective is no longer merely observed, but can be touched and manipulated, allowing Yolaine to explore new dimensions of her artistic expression.


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